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Traveler’s Company Spiral Ring Notebook – A5 Slim Kraft


The Spiral Ring Notebooks consist of a durable resin-containing cover, in a range of different paper types and sizes.

Paper: DW Kraft paper

Blank 80 sheets (160 pages)

Handbound with Single Spiral Ring (Copper Color)

Size: H218 x W130 x D18mm

Handmade in Japan

In stock

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Traveler’s Company notebooks started in 2006 as part of Midori (the same company that manufactures MD Paper notebooks). All the products in the Traveler’s Company brand share the theme of traveling that takes place in one’s daily life. In order to pursue and enrich this theme, the brand name was changed from “MIDORI” to “Traveler’s Company” in 2015. Since becoming an independent brand, Traveler’s Company has continued to propose a journey into a new world where one can express themselves freely through its notebooks and other stationery items.

The focal point of Traveler’s Company is their beautiful leather notebook covers, which can be completely customised with different notebook inserts, according to your individual taste.

The Spiral Ring Notebooks consist of a durable resin-containing cover, in various sizes, and in a range of different paper types: white paper for comfortable writing, roughly textured Kraft paper, paper pockets, window envelopes, watercolor paper, and file. The rings are attached to the notebook one by one by hand with great care, at the Designphil’s Nagareyama Factory, in Japan.

Traveler’s Company are designed to be easy to carry around while traveling and in your daily life activities. The slim size makes it perfect to be carried in a bag or backpack.

Made in Japan.