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Van Gogh Watercolour Pocket Box ‘Shades of Nature’ set of 12


  • Pocket size selection is ideal for travelling
  • 12 x half pans
  • Removable mixing tray
  • Round synthetic hair brush (size 6)

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Van Gogh watercolours feature brilliant, transparent, and intense colours with high tinting strength. Thanks to the purity and uniform viscosity, these watercolours are easy to work with and easy to mix. Proudly produced in Holland with stringent quality control for a consistent experience with every purchase.

This 12-half pan water colour set is packed in a plastic pocket box, and also includes a round synthetic hair brush (size 6) and a mixing tray.

Colours in this shades of nature set are: Yellow Ochre 227, Raw Sienna 234, Raw Umber 408, Burnt Sienna 411, Burnt Umber 409, Vandyke Brown 403, Titanium Buff 291, Azo Yellow Medium 269, Permanent Orange 266, Sap Green 623, Olive Green 620, Azomethine Green Yellow 296.