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Sakura Colour Corporation of Japan started in 1921 as a crayon manufacturer and developed the innovative Cray-Pas range of oil pastels. In the 1980’s Sakura widened their interests into ink and developed the sub-micron pigments required for dispensing waterproof and lightfast drawing ink through the narrowest of nibs structures. The result was the legendary Pigma range of drawing pens.
In 1984 Sakura shocked the established pen manufacturers when they launched the world’s first gel ink. Gelly Roll quickly became synonymous with gel pens and other major manufacturers scrambled to jump on the gel bandwagon. Sakura now manufactures a wide range of high-quality niche pens for crafting, marking and drawing.
‘Sakura’ means cherry blossom in Japanese and a stylised cherry blossom flower forms the Sakura logo.